My mission is to create “Bio-harmonious Beauty.” 


ie reflecting the relationship between the people, the things we love (including jewellery!) and the world we live in.


Beauty which makes you feel good and everyone in the process, too.


No pain. Just gain. (Well, as little as is possible.)


In 2022, i am undertaking a Green review of my business to ensure that i am doing all i can to respect the environment.


Here are just some examples of what i am doing or planning to do;




- My gemstones come from trusted mining companies. These companies treat our planet and their miners respectfully. Their staff is paid fairly and there are no children in the mines. My most long-standing supplier (and friend) is Maira, owner of Gemstones Brazil; her family’s mines are in the northern part of Brazil (minais geraìs) and they can even custom-cut the gemstones to my specifications and to the millimetre to suit my designs. Truly unique and of the highest quality.  ( 


  • I am looking into using new, sustainable materials for my future collections. More to follow.


  • My gemstones are untreated. They have not been through a heating treatment so as to enhance their colour. They are 100% natural: beautiful inside and out.
  • I work with local makers, most of them are friends; i have shared the workshop with them at some stage. 
  • I am looking into using 




  • I recycle the goods I use and all my new stationery is local and recycled. I am a fan of “VENT for change” sketchbooks and notebooks. (
  • I am careful with my electricity and my heating: I much enjoy a good fire in my studio instead.




  • I am currently in the process of replacing my boxes and bags for recyclable, eco-friendly packaging.




  • Although i post anywhere in the world, i love delivering my jewellery in person if you are local. I try to group deliveries as much as possible. I cycle on a nice day.
  • one day soon I hope to be able to swap my car for an electric car.
  • reducing carbon footprint across my supply chain: my number one supplier of gemstones lives around the corner and groups all her orders from Brazil into one monthly delivery.


I intend to carry out an annual Green Review of my business and to continually review my supply chain to ensure it meets our expectations of integrity and traceability.



If you have any other suggestions, i would be delighted to hear them.